I liken my profession as a designer to being part fairy godmother part magician. Originally from Edinburgh, my tastes, likes and desires grew from being immersed in the beautiful neo-classical and georgian architechture that the city was founded on. I like symmetry and grounding in my design schemes, but I also need a happy dose of eclectic playfulness. It really is the british way, my way, to design.

A career move to Glasgow in my late 20’s, to work for one of the largest design firms in the UK, refined my decorating skills and developed my lifelong love for renovations and restorations. I had clients in Edinburgh, Glasgow and London and we frequently sourced product and materials in Europe.

Falling in love with a Canadian turned my world upside down in a very good way and in 2002 I moved to Toronto, Ontario. I now have the pleasure of calling this city and country home too.




I opened my firm, Gillian Gillies Interiors, Inc. in 2004 and we’ve grown to become an award-winning, highly respected firm where many of our clients are repeat or referral. I find that once a client has experienced our service levels and attention to detail, they are a client for life.

In addition to running my firm I am also one of the co-founders of DesignDocs Inc. this amazing project management and accounting software for design professionals was conceived by my husband, initially to assist me and my growing firm’s paperwork. It’s now become a recognized global software platform with members in Canada, US, Australia and the UK. I’m also the designer behind the flourishing upholstered furniture range Essence, which is produced in Toronto by Whittington & Co.

I’ve completed successful projects in many of the older, established neighbourhoods in Toronto and the GTA; Rosedale, Summerhill, Moore Park, The Kingsway, Lytton Park, Lawrence Park, Forest Hill, Riverdale and The Annex. I love working on new build homes and renovations, I also really enjoy a blank canvas that simply needs decorated and a large dose of personality injected. In addition to working locally I have also completed projects in cottage country and across Canada and into the US. My suitcase is always packed and my passport is up to date!

“once a client has experienced our

service levels and attention to detail,

they are a client for life.”



We understand that inspired, creative interior design can be a life changing experience for our clients. It’s what we excel at, making life smoother and a little more playful, room by room.

We seamlessly blend great taste, with over two decades of global industry experience to consistently deliver beautiful homes to our clients across Canada and beyond.

We center our design schemes around a timeless aesthetic, grounded in natural materials, paired with a smattering of heritage and vintage finds, balanced with unique pieces made by local artisans. Fabrics and wallcoverings cocoon our design schemes and provide an immersive experience for our clients, their friends, and families to enjoy for many years to come.