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June / July

Happy Canada Day to those who are celebrating!

For those not in the know, Canada Day is like Christmas Day or New Year in that it always falls on the same date – July 1st. This year we are all thankful that it lands on a Friday, so our weekend is long.

I am a week late in sending out this newsletter which usually arrives on the last Friday of the month. But, I was away on vacation last week, and truthfully, time, projects, and life simply ran away with me. So, I thought I’d give you something to read and noodle on over your long weekend.

June was an interesting month, a month of firsts and much learning.

Science in Design

I attended a virtual conference – we’d hoped for it to be in person, but the majority of attendees preferred Zoom, so that was what we got. The conference was entitled Science in Design, and it was truly fascinating.

At its core was the now known and understood knowledge that designers can and have the power to improve health by harnessing the power of beauty. It sounds so simple, and really, it is.

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