Newsletter – March 2018

We know that your time is precious and that your inboxes are all overflowing so we’ll keep it all brief (somewhat impossible for me, but I shall try!) and limit our content to once a month. The GGI Newsletter will showcase recent press, reviews of design shows and update you on all the things that we find lovely and are currently obsessing over.

My Favourite Room, The Globe & Mail

I was really happy to be invited to show My Favourite Room (in my own home) in The Globe & Mail. The article is in the Saturday Pursuits edition.

Working in my own home is never as straight forward as working for my clients. I can struggle to make decisions, probably because I know that there are thousands of gorgeous options. My vision for my client’s projects is always crystal clear, for my own home it’s a little more muddy. But following a 4-month long reno with a small 50 sq.ft. addition I got the kitchen I longed for. It is super practical with a touch of whimsical, my personal design aesthetic. Vintage lights sourced on honeymoon in Italy (that then lay in our basement for 13 years) and Koi wallpaper make the space feel unique and very much my home.

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