Newsletter – October 2019


This month was a short one, an especially short one for me and the newsletter. I commit to sending this out monthly on the last Friday of the month which is today so if you feel like its arrived early, it sort of has, but it’s actually (like me) perfectly on time.

I’m so excited that it’s fall. I love layers both at home and to wear and I love nothing better than getting out of the city for long walks in the country.


We officially move in on November 18th. Works will be completed at the end of this month and then it gives us a buffer for getting all cleaned, window coverings in place and the technology hooked up before we move in.

I am so beyond happy with how things are taking shape. I purchased a plain concrete and drywall box in a very industrial area. I wanted, through the power of design, to create a very warm and inviting space that was in sharp contrast to its surroundings.

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