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Sometimes when I sit down to start writing my monthly newsletter, it can seem daunting to be faced with a blank white page of paper. But then I remember that having a blank canvas to design from can be the most rewarding; and then the blank page in front of me no longer seems like such a chasm.

It’s a bright blue fall sky day, temps are chilly, but the sun is shining and the leaves outside my window are slowly changing colour. I am warm and I have some great music playing to keep me company and to keep me motived – The Wilderness of Manitoba – to be precise.


We are incorporating 3-D renderings more and more into our presentations to help our clients and trades see our vision. I thought I’d share a recent one of a kitchen that we are currently working on…

This is a lovely 20-year-old townhome in the Forest Hill neighbourhood of Toronto. At the moment, the main floor is quite traditional in its layout with a formal living and dining room taking up about 60% of the main floor. The kitchen and a compact breakfast/family room take up the remaining 40%.

The kitchen is closed off from the rest of the main floor and it feels and looks tight, and the family room is cramped. My clients don’t need two sitting areas as well as two areas with dining tables, so we are transforming it all.

The kitchen will move to the middle of the main floor and there will be a dining area on one side with a large living room on the other. All will be open to each other and so the design and finishes in the kitchen are the bosses of all.

Renderings are only going to make sense if you have all of your selections finalized and so leaving them till this point in the process ensures that our clients get to really see their finished space.

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