Once I am through the initial shock of the time change I am always so grateful to see the days extended.

I used to be very confused when I was much younger at “older” people would complain about the time change. I didn’t understand at all what the fuss was about. It was merely an hour!

Roll on thirty years and I totally get it. I think when we travel it’s not such a big deal and hey, we are getting to travel so the time difference can get easily lost in the excitement of it all.

However when we are home and in our own beds it can knock us out of sorts for a few days. I am trying to be kinder on myself, not schedule workouts for the first few mornings for example and know that all will pass.

What I am Loving & Looking Forward to

March was filled with many new collections. Nothing feels more like spring than a new fabric collection and we have seen so many gorgeous things, some of which are already placed in projects. 

We do show glimpses of our vendors’ presentations on Instagram so please watch along and let us know what resonates with you.


I can’t say there has been a consistency to what we have seen which frankly I feel quite refreshing. Each fabric house we work with has a strong identity and colour palette. The colours may vary from year to year but all work in harmony. 

I am looking forward to all arriving in the studio and then we can scheme away (no pun intended!), mixing all together and creating something fresh and unique for our clients that will also stand the test of time.

I am thick in the planning stages of my annual design trip to New York in May. Here I will be immersed in all things design – ICFF Design Show, a Kipps Bay Showhouse (their first one in New York since 2019!), museums, art galleries, vendors studios and showrooms and some lovely restaurants too. 

I adore spring in New York, we usually walk for miles each day and return home with tired legs and a head and phone full of inspiration.

We are working on a new capsule collection of patchwork blankets with a gorgeous studio in Montreal. They obtain fabrics that are left over from the fashion industry and they reimagine them into quilts. 

Not unlike what we do with our cushions in our studio shop.

We have selected our colour palette, finalized our first design and are now waiting to see what fabrics they have for us to create with. We are working with lighter weight linen and cottons and the blankets will have a patchwork front and a solid backing.

Spend & Save

8-GGI Studio Shop Locally Woven Tea Towels, photo Gillian Gillies Interiors

As a reader of our newsletters, you are getting first access to our SPRINGLOVE20 discount code on all purchases made on our studio shop from today until April 14th. 

Go on and give a little refresh to your rooms! 

Add the promocode when you checkout to receive the discount on orders of $100 or more. 

Currently Working On

We are sample deep in our Lawrence Park project and are loving the way the colour palette and the finishes for the living room are developing.

We always start with an inspiration board, here we develop and play with colour, texture and form. 


This room has good bones, but it is very underused. We want to make this a room where everyone will want to relax and unwind, read a book, enjoy a cup of tea, a glass of wine or a cocktail before dinner, oh and it has to be dog friendly. Super dog friendly.

Here are our initial floor plans and the elevation drawing for the fireplace. Our fireplace is getting a complete overhaul – this will allow a more energy-efficient and draught-proof unit to be installed and it is being clad with stunning porcelain tiles that when installed create the look of pleated fabric. Yes, this one is going to be a beauty.


We have created a palette that is anchored in nubbly neutral tones with accents in fern and canary. Textured fabrics are both tactile and inviting but also very family and pet friendly.


More information about our seven-step process can be found here:

A downloadable magazine is available for viewing. 

It’s the Weekend!

On our social feeds at the weekend, you will now find a story with things to do at the weekend.


It might be our favourite stores, our most pursued Instagram accounts, books we are reading, new releases on the GGI studio shop along with articles we think you would find interesting.

Please let us know if there is anything specific you would like to see! We have a growing list in the studio. 


One thing I can highly recommend watching if you have 40 mins to spare this weekend is The Elephant Whisperers on Netflix. This is such a gorgeous documentary; it will fill your heart and possibly your eyes with happy tears! 

It’s simply magic.

Industry News


Well for the first time since 2020 the great news is that the cost of shipping containers is going down. The rise in the cost of these had resulted in higher prices on many items that we use on a daily basis. 

A recent industry newsletter advised that at ”the height of the pandemic, containers that once cost roughly $1,500 were going for upward of $20,000”. That is a massive increase which has affected larger items – furniture and appliances to name but two – as there are only so many 36” wide fridges you can fit in one container. 

While container costs are not yet back down to pre-pandemic levels, they are now hovering around $3,000 to $5,000 each which is a whole lot better. We have seen new price lists from vendors who import anywhere from 10–20%. The majority of the pieces we source and design for our clients are manufactured in Canada and the USA, with smaller pieces coming from the UK and Europe which are shipped directly as ordered.

Hear Me Talk

On April 25th at The Lobby by Heaps Estrin, you can hear me talk as part of the three-person panel on Sustainability. There will be a sustainability expert, an architect and myself talking to how we incorporate sustainable solutions and materials into our client projects.

For myself, sustainability starts with not following trends or buying into fast furniture / fashion and taking a long-term view on any larger purchases in my life – whether it’s a sofa, handbag, or a coat. 

Reducing waste and keeping items from landfill is a way in which we can all do our part. This doesn’t mean that you need to live in a museum or dress like you have no idea what decade you are living in. 

For me it means buying furniture with classic lines that when I tire of it, it can be easily reupholstered and reimagined. When I moved here from Scotland into my container, (which thankfully was well before the pandemic) I brought all my furniture with me. 

My sofa, ottoman and arm chairs were reupholstered when we renovated the main floor of our home in 2015. I don’t think I’ll ever part with them. They fit us and I love to have pieces around me that have lived another life in another home with me. Anyhow, I will stop giving away all my secrets here, I’d love to see you at the event, please keep an eye on our social media feed for how to register and if you are not on Instagram or Facebook, please drop us an email

Wishing you all a wonderful April. If there is anything you’d like to see a newsletter on please let us know and we will be happy to do our best!


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Giving credit & thanks and some more musings while I am at it!

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