My final newsletter of 2022. I can imagine when this lands in everyone’s inbox, I will receive an overwhelming amount of out of office replies! Such is the season. But I hope you all manage to take a quick peak as I am so grateful for all of your reading, continued support and positive feedback.

I love writing my monthly newsletters, rarely do I leave enough time for them, but they always get done and I love the sense of accomplishment. One day I will write and publish a book and who knows maybe some of these ramblings will make it into the final copy.



Our Year

This year has continued to prove challenging with delays still being part of the process, but I do feel that we are now on the other side of crazy. Yes, there are still some vendors whose lead times and deliveries are extended beyond what I am comfortable with, and so those companies we have respectfully paused placing orders with until their backlog clears.

I feel where we are now, for the majority of lines, is simply the new normal in terms of pricing and lead times. Our local workrooms have risen to the challenges well and they have navigated all with such grace and dedication, I am beyond thankful to them for doing what they do each and every day.  My team has grown with the addition of Tricia (unseen above) in October as my design assistant. One of the best things about coming to work is to be surrounded with the amazing women on my team. They all have unique talents, tastes, and viewpoints but at their core all work to the same high standards and code of ethics. My studio is my sanctuary and it’s lovely to share it with such beautiful, individual souls. 

We launched our new gorgeous – even if I say so myself – website in the summer and re-branded a lot of our internal documents to compliment the new look. Updating your website is an enormous task and I am so glad that its all done and looking beautiful. 

We softly launched our online shop, and you can expect to see more curated offerings this year as we slowly add to our collections – at our core we will offer in-house designed, locally made pieces for your home. 

We were also published in print twice this year – our client’s kitchen renovation was featured in the October issue (seen below) and our own studio (seen above) was published in the December issue of House & Home magazine.

Our Raison D’être

We were sought out last year for our use of texture and colour – we love to mix elements in a space, such as different metal and wood finishes combined with different weights of fabrics. These give spaces an effortless, yet curated look with longevity. I don’t do fast fashion or fast interiors. We design with a purpose, always keeping our clients wishes at the forefront of our designs.

I believe that your home should feed your soul, be something that comforts, consoles and brings you energy and joy as well as a great night’s sleep and an amazing morning shower. Yes, I believe that you can have it all!

Design Travels in 2023

As far as what 2023 brings, well I am personally really looking forward to two design trips already planned. Firstly, I am going to Paris in January for Deco Off & Maison Object – this trip was scheduled for January of this year but was cancelled due to high Covid cases. I am very hopeful that all will go as planned this year. 

Deco Off is all about fabrics, wallpapers, and trimmings. Over 100 showrooms take part and the streets of Paris become wrapped and decorated with beautiful textiles. As you know, textiles are my thing both to wear and design with and this trip will be a giddy few days for me!

Maison Object showcases a curated selection of furniture and lighting and all things home. The last time I visited this show was in 2001! Its time to go back and discover old and new brands and collections. 

I’m also looking forward to seeing the new La Samaritaine department store, owned by LVMH, it also includes a five-star hotel! 

In October I am visiting Mexico City for the annual Design Leadership Summit. Having never visited Mexico before I am very excited at the prospect of seeing and learning more about this country and its design heritage. 

Thank You

My final thanks and (almost final) words this newsletter go to our clients. 

We have had the pleasure, and sometimes the stresses, (its not always rainbows and unicorns), of working on some incredible projects this year with equally incredible people. We never underestimate the trust that goes into starting a renovation and seeing your home, which was at some point fine, being turned into something inhospitable and unlivable whilst the renovation is underway. Thank you for keeping the vision true, for staying the course and for letting us into your homes and lives. 

What I do is a calling, there is no other word for it, I believe in what we deliver and work hard each and every day for you all. 

I wish you all a wonderful holiday season enjoying your new spaces or looking forward to the time when you’ll be moved in and able to use them fully. 

Hold The Front Page, this just in…

Huge congratulations to our lovely Monique and her husband Matt on the safe arrival of their gorgeous daughter. Monique’s last day in the studio was December 9th and she had planned on having a couple of weeks R&R before her due date. But Isabella had other plans and arrived on December 11th.  We can’t wait to meet her and send them all our love!! 

Have a wonderful holiday season, however you celebrate or not, individually or with loved ones, may you have rest, joy and an abundance of good health and cheer!

This year we have made a donation to The Daily Bread Food Bank, thank you for giving us the opportunity to do so.

I look forward to seeing you in 2023!!


Gillian Gillies

Giving credit & thanks and some more musings while I am at it!

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