Our role in your design project is to introduce you to design ideas and concepts that are very much you, even if you didn’t know they existed or were you before we presented them.

Sometimes unexpected, yet always thoughtful, considered design selections are carefully made for our clients.We cater to each client’s style and lifestyle on an individual basis.

Whether you are hiring us to design a single room in your city home, renovate your primary residence, design your forever home or decorate & furnish your chalet or cottage we use our time proven processes to guarantee a smooth journey from project start to finish.


We understand that our clients are looking to change their lives when they hire us. Change could look like creating a home that enables all family members to get out the door in the morning easier or it could be to finally have a cozy, private corner to read and dream out the window. Whatever it is, we have the answers and we deliver incredible results for our clients.

This is all down to our time tested 5-Step Process, one that takes us from our initial client meeting all the way through to the installation of accessories. Although each project we work on is unique, being intentional with the journey ensures we are all focused on the same end goal.

Our process ensures that your investment will provide you with years of joy in your beautiful, flexible, and functional home.


From the renovation of older homes in established neighbourhoods to infill and new construction, we have successfully worked in all home types from single dwellings to condos and townhomes. Most of our work is in Ontario, but we also welcome the opportunity to work across Canada and into other countries.

Each project we work on brings its own distinctive needs and goals. We are known for taking the underused and neglected areas in an older home and turning them into a space that is not only functional but personalized to the homeowners. We love working on newbuilds; from project conception to construction, to installation of furniture and furnishings. We also work on many homes that require decoration and personalization. We can transform a house into your home with the careful selection of millwork, lighting, wallpaper, window coverings, upholstery, casegoods, art and accessories. We love the thrill of a blank canvas.