In Toronto, a Townhouse with an English Atmosphere

Canadian designer Gillian Gillies writes a new contemporary chapter in the history of an early 20th-century villa. Located in the historic Rosedale neighborhood of Ancroft Place in Toronto, Canada, this house, dating from 1927, is part of a series of townhouses that resemble an English countryside village in appearance. Outside in red brick, shiny black door and all around ivy climbing. “Ancroft Place was originally built as a nucleus of housing for young Rosedale families. These served as the first home for local brides, allowing them to live independently but still close to their parents ". Local designer Gillian Gillies tells us, who managed to balance the historicity of the retro-style home with modern needs. " My clients, a retired couple, bought the house in 2016, initially rented it and then decided to restore it to be able to live there on a permanent basis". View Article