Green Waterless Diffuser & Magic Blend *Bundle*

The diffuser is waterless, heatless, and cordless. It uses nebulizing technology to diffuse the oil directly from the essential oil bottle into the air around you. No heat. No water. No fuss. A sleek, smart, and simple way to diffuse – without damaging your oil’s molecular structure.

Our Magic Blend essential oil is what we use every day in our studio. It’s become a trademark scent for us with clients, vendors, trades, and even the UPS man asking what was in it. We are excited to share it with you! It’s a winning, magical combination of Lavender, Cypress, Wild Orange, and Litsea. Each was carefully selected to enhance communication, ground, energize, and provide manifesting properties.

Add 5-15 drops to the waterless diffuser and inhale. Taking a deep breath just became infinitely more magical.

Diffuser: 3″ x  5″
Magic Blend: 15ml