Change of Season


Yikes, how did we get here……..this year feels like its zooming by and I can’t believe that we are almost into November. We have been blessed with the most beautiful fall weather this month in Ontario. It’s been a month of always checking the weather report before I leave in the morning to make sure that I am dressed accordingly. A blue sky at this time of year can mean anything, and this month it meant that I didn’t need a jumper (sweater)

Fall in many cultures and practices is seen as the season for letting go of all that no longer serves you. Just as in nature where plants and trees shed their leaves, this can be a time for shedding anything that you no longer want to be weighed down by. Whether it’s clutter in your closet or your head, fall is the perfect time to release all of it. Easier said than done I know, but maybe one closet or even a drawer is a good starting point! We can be weighed down by so much, even a tidy handbag can feel like success during a crazy week.


Just as we add layers to our clothing to keep us warm, I also love to add layers to my home to embrace the season. I enjoy lighting candles, adding throws and blankets to our sofas and beds and having the fireplace lit. I love turning on my lamps and seeing my home glow. I love using velvet and mohair pillows on furniture and embracing all things tactile and immersive. Fall and its sister winter both call for inward reflection and contemplation, they ask us to slow down and pause, and I dress my home for comfort and warmth just like I do my body. The bedroom shown above has lots of lovely layers, texture, and warmth. The mix of materials adds to the feeling of comfort, and all is anchored on an Aubusson carpet that my clients brought from their past home. 

This living room has it all – mohair, velvet, candles, and a gorgeous fire.

This teen bedroom has a lovely, layered bed with linen, wool, and a chocolate brown velvet cushion. This living room has it all – mohair, velvet, candles, and a gorgeous fire.

This tailored linen sofa feels extra inviting with the velvet cushions and the cotton fringed throw.Velvet and mohair accents really are a simple recipe to warm up your home.

If you’re feeling inspired to add some layers into your home, look no further than our 100% laundered cashmere throw, woven in Scotland by Alex Begg & Co. This ultrasoft throw is my constant companion, I often wear it draped over my shoulders for added comfort on the days in need it. 


This weekend I am leaving for Rome. I am beyond excited to have the opportunity to visit this city with the Design Leadership Network. Our annual conference is held every November and the last time I attended was in November of 2019 when it was held in London, England. The DLN offers its members access to hard to find and off the radar places.

We have visits to local peoples homes, artisan workshops and studios as well as lots of gorgeous dining opportunities.  It will be so lovely to be immersed in this beautiful city and to meet up with my design and industry friends. I am going a few days ahead and staying a few days after so that I can have a little holiday and meet up with my loved ones from Scotland for a long weekend. I shall try to post frequently without over posting so be sure to follow along on Instagram. Now I just have to pack! 

House & Home

Our gorgeous studio will be featured in the December issue of House & Home magazine. This will hit newsstands around the 3rd of November so please keep your eyes peeled for me, the studio and Reba. Reba is looking her most hairiest and the photo makes me laugh. 

We got Reba on December 18th, 2021, and didn’t think / know to book ahead and schedule a haircut. When we did eventually look into things there was a 10 week wait list…so she was very hairy for the shoot as you will see. She is still the best puppy ever and I am so happy that we all found each other and that we now have a groomer on speed dial! 

If I lived in London

I’d be sure to visit The Museum of Brands so I could see Aide-Memoire: Shopping Lists. I heard the curator / collector interviewed on the CBC one night as I was driving home, As It Happens always has the quirkiest content! Lucy Ireland Gray is an archaeologist by day and serial shopping list collector by night and weekend.

She has curated an exhibition on found supermarket shopping lists – apparently no one can spell avocado but apart from that she was fascinated at what the lists were written on and their content. Apparently, most of us are pretty basic shoppers with bread and milk being the top items followed by eggs and butter. Sometimes it’s the simplest of things that are the most fascinating. 


This month GGI welcomed two new team members. Allison joins us as the Studio / Marketing Manager, Monique is still with us for a wee while longer and handing over the reins to Allison in advance of her maternity leave in December.

Tricia joins the design team as our long needed and much wanted design assistant. I am so looking forward to working with them both. 

Wishing you all a wonderful November! Thank you for your continued support and reading.

Gillian Gillies

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