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No not me, but you – my lovely clients and readers all seem to be on the move, all at the same time. Is this the result of living in a year-long global pandemic?

The construction and interior design industry are booming with so much interest and demand. And although I still feel like we are working with one sanitized hand tied behind our back most days, I am loving each and every moment.

This time last year we really did not know what to do and so everyone retracted and held their breath waiting for all to pass. Only it didn’t, and so by May when we realized that travel was going to be out of the question for the summer, we all focused inward onto what we could control – namely our own home, our shelter from the storm.

We started to search for what we needed to rest, work, and play and that has resulted in this huge upsurge in the real estate market. We currently have projects in Cottage Country, Collingwood, Durham, and many more in the heart of Toronto.

With movement there comes optimism, and we all need a good dose of that, along with a shot of vaccine!

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