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April has been a really tough month for so many in Canada with our COVID case numbers growing as we all live through wave three. I think we all hoped that a year in, things would be looking a lot rosier.

I am hopeful that our vaccine rollout seems at long last to be gaining momentum and so happy that I got my first dose last Saturday!

But we are a long way away from being safe, so we have adjusted how we work (again) and I thought I’d let you all know…

• Residential construction in Ontario is still classed as essential, as is manufacturing. This means we can currently work behind locked doors, as can our showrooms and workrooms. So, works in our client’s homes can continue, and goods such as custom casegoods, window coverings and upholstery are all still being fabricated. Lead times are stretched, but product is still moving. We are unable to visit our showrooms, but the staff and our reps are doing an incredible job behind the scenes in getting sampling and new product line information to us promptly so we can continue to design and create. I am loving the projects we are currently working; each is as unique as the homeowner, and it’s so lovely to see things blossoming from a small seed (or sample) of an idea.

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