Here’s a sneak preview of two fabulous bathroom designs



It’s been a sizzling summer in Ontario – sizzling with lots of rain, so for once my garden is still limping along and looking quite green.

Actually, it’s more than just limping, my containers have flowers that are still blooming, and my herb garden is flourishing. So, all in all not bad, but then we have been home nearly all summer to nurture things along unlike in previous years when we would travel so much more.

I’ve taken two vacations this summer – single weeks – and stayed in the province. I fear travelling by plane again, and not just for the usual germs and delays but for the luggage restrictions. Holidaying by car has its advantages in that you can take EVERYTHING you might or might not need with you.

Our last trip was almost a comedy as we packed our car up with all sorts of stuff, still managing to leave our hiking boots behind. How on earth did I use to travel with just a suitcase and carry-on for a two-week vacation? It’s going to be quite the adjustment.


Bathrooms, so many bathrooms. I feel like the whole world has gone bathroom daft. But, with the world in such disarray, I think we all take comfort in hot baths and luxurious long showers.

We currently have sixteen bathrooms that we are in the process of designing for multiple projects. Each one is unique like the homeowners and the space they inhabit. Everyone has their special requirements and must-haves.

I thought I’d share a couple with you here so you can see all the thought that goes into designing a space and making sure it’s just perfect!

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