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When this newsletter is delivered to your inbox, my readers in Canada will be at the start of the August long weekend. We can now see our loved ones and have someone else cook dinner (and do the dishes). Yay! I really feel like we are hopefully all moving forward.

I’ve had my haircut and went to a local clothing store and was able to try on clothes. Albeit masked and sanitized, but at least it is a sign of progress. As our vaccination rates grow and our cases drop, I really feel that this weekend is a cause for celebration.

We need the connection and a break from what has become our normal. I’ve missed people; missed the carefree chatter over dinner and making plans that don’t involve staying apart or endless worrying about where everyone has been.

In the second half of summer, I hope we all get to enjoy carefree, laughter-filled days.


We are working on some gorgeous new projects at the moment and loved sharing our initial drawings and sample trays with our clients last week.

The tray in this photo is our initial scheme for a beautiful kitchen. It has a bit of a Scandinavian / Japanese feel and the palette, although muted, has some incredible textures and materials.

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