Inspiration – Georgian Townhomes

Sometimes when I am missing my Scottish home – Edinburgh – I go through my photographs. I usually go back to my birthplace at least once a year so my cell phone gallery is always (thankfully) up to date with images.

In addition to friends and family, I always have a plethora of photos of the houses and architecture in the New Town. I never tire of walking along these beautiful Georgian sweeping crescents with their large private central gardens. The balance and symmetry in the architecture is elegant and so pleasing on the eye. I always feel like I breathe a little deeper when I am here. Balance has such a grounding effect on us, and these beautiful streets really anchor you to the city.

The interiors can have panelled doors, plaster mouldings and cornicing, working wood shutters and if you are really lucky a cupula at the top of the central staircase. Oh, to have a Georgian townhome in Edinburgh!!


All images can be found on my Pinterest board Georgian Townhome in Edinburgh.

All images are inspiration images and are not examples of my own work.