Newsletter – July 2019


It’s a summer miracle! I have my new studio keys.

For those of you who have been on this long and winding journey, you will know that it has taken almost a year longer to get my keys than was originally anticipated. From zoning issues and contractor delays, the development that my studio is in has seen and experienced it all.

It has truthfully been a very strange process for me as I’ve just had to patiently wait (not my factory default setting) at the sidelines. Such is the way when you are purchasing commercial real estate and you are just one of nineteen other units that are being built (I now know firsthand how my clients feel when they are purchasing condos from plan).

In my client projects, I get to know the key players on-site very quickly and I am on-site as often as needed. This was not at all the case with my studio and I didn’t like it at all. It was a big learning curve and I’m glad I’m through it and on to the fun stuff with people I can talk to!

We are firstly installing un-sexy but necessary things such as ducting and electrical wiring. I can’t wait for floors, millwork and wallpaper!! Then we’ll have a party. I will post our progress on Instagram.

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