Inspiration – Mustard Yellow

Mustard Yellow…

or in my mind, Gorse Yellow; but I feared if I called the post by that name no one apart from my Scottish friends and family would know what I was talking about. Gorse is a plant that grows abundantly in Scotland, sometimes in the most barren of areas. Anyhow, I love this shade of yellow whatever you want to call it.

I didn’t quite realize it was one of my signature tones until I was home in the spring. I am the very lucky god-mother to my best friends two children. Miss G as she is often referred to is eight years old. She was getting dressed prior to coming to meet with me and she pulled out a pair of mustard yellow tights (stockings) to wear. When my friend asked why she was wearing them, she replied that it was “an Aunt Gilly colour.” Little people see and take in all!! I do own and wear several jumpers and cardigans in this colour, so she was very right in her thought process.

At the time I was working on a new website design and decided then and there that this would be an accent colour on my site. So this colour board pays homage to all things mustard yellow.


All images can be found on my Pinterest board Mustard Yellow.

All images are inspiration images and are not examples of my own work.