Toronto dream kitchen started with a cast iron sink

I was delighted to have my own home published in the Favourite Room section in the weekend Globe & Mail. And yes, it’s true, my entire kitchen design started with me falling in love with a cast iron sink in a colour called thunder! As I always say to my client’s the starting point in a design scheme can really be anything, but at least it’s a start.

Designer Gillian Gillies’s renovated kitchen required some TLC, but the result is a space that’s become the heart of her home

Toronto dream kitchen started with a cast iron sink

Toronto-based interior designer Gillian Gillies’s favourite room in her home is her kitchen.

Glenn Lowson/The Globe and Mail

For interior designer Gillian Gillies, at the heart of any favourite room, there’s a favourite object or item that acts as a crucible, encapsulating the overall aesthetic and inspiring the rest of the design. “It could be the smallest thing in the room, but that’s where your eye will go, because it’s the thing that you love. I find that if you have that in a space, then everything else can just play off that,” she says.

In Gillies’s renovated kitchen, in the North Toronto home she shares with husband, Dean Einarson, that beloved item is her Kohler Cape Dory enameled cast iron sink. “The colour is called thunder grey and I just adored it. I thought, okay, that’s the basis for the whole room,” she says. If that seems a practical starting point, Gillies, who hails from Edinburgh, Scotland, admits she’s the sensible type – with one exception.

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