It was love at first sight for our Toronto home


Maybe because it’s the start of a new year, maybe because even having been vaccinated twice and boosted I still feel like I am running away from the bogey man on a daily basis… Either way, this month’s newsletter has me thinking back over the past couple of years and the changes it has brought to my life and in turn my home.

Love at first sight

I remember when we first saw our home. We went to an open house having not seen the listing – it was just pure happenchance that we drove by the street and saw the sign.

We went in, not knowing the price or the history (the owners we found out, were on their third real estate agent and the price had dropped by over $150,000 from when it was first listed). But from the moment I stepped in, I knew it was ours.

The interior was really dated (click the link below to see the photos), but the house felt good. It felt like home even though nothing there looked like my home. On that first visit, I didn’t go past the foyer as I feared falling in love and it being out of our reach. Dean ran up and down the stairs and decided yes it was perfect. I went back to see it the next day and a week later it was ours. Now many years later it both looks and feels like home.

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