The art of the photoshoot


We are in the thick of rebranding and updating our company website. I last did this in 2018 which seems like a long and very distant time. Back then we were working from my home, not because we feared the outside world, simply because that is where we were, taking over too much of my home.

Move forward four years, and it’s a whole lot different.

The Art of the Photoshoot

We have several projects getting photographed this spring, and it will be lovely to add some new content to our site.

I have had an on / off relationship with Instagram in the past few months, but I will get back on that soon, I think. I do enjoy sharing images and seeing what my friends and industry allies are up to, but I dislike the shady side of social media, the competitiveness, and the fact that it can seriously impact people’s mental health.

I try to show the good, but also the real without it being over-filtered and unrealistic. It should brighten someone’s day, not make them feel like rubbish.

I’d love to know your thoughts on social media. How do you feel about Instagram?

I do love seeing our projects through the camera lens, it’s always interesting to see which ones are going to be supermodels and steal the show.

Supermodel rooms are the ones that through the lens really shine. The proportions scale well and the lighting is impeccable. There are others which although beautiful in person, don’t suit the camera. Bathrooms can be tricky to shoot; those with an abundance of glass and daylight are really tricky to capture as there is so much reflection bouncing off every surface.

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