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As this will be my final newsletter of the year, we decided to get it out early, hence the mid-month delivery today.

December is always a big month for us at GGI. It is a closing of the year and the closing of several projects, just in time for the holidays. This year we will probably all be at home, and home has never felt so important or such a much-needed escape from all that is happening outside our doors.

I am so grateful that we can work and still get to do what we do best. I know many cannot, and with this in mind, we have made a substantial donation this year to The Daily Bread Foodbank to give back and help our neighbours and community at this time.

Our year has certainly been polarizing but as I reflect, it really has been a time for growth and change.

Our team has grown with the addition of Monique and Silvia and we have honed our skills for online presentations and 3-D renderings.

2020 has also brought about a new venture for me as I launched my Heritage Blanket collection (two out of the four designs have almost sold out).

It has been the busiest of years as we work in new ways to ensure everyone stays safe but in the loop and we get our work done.


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