All about the blue hues…


All about the Blues…………

Blue is a colour that I admire, from its most delicate powdery pale form to the deep inky almost black hue. I also adore turquoise blue combined with navy blue, this can be a beautiful winning combination.


At the studio, we are currently loving a book called Pools by Lou Stoppard. It is a deep dive into all things blue and I adore the turquoise coloured cover. I am truth be told not a natural-born swimmer, for me the water is something you go into to cool off on a hot day, it is not a sport.

Monique, the studio manager at GGI is a sporty swimmer and the book is hers. Truthfully, it might make you want to take up swimming. It almost has me hooked especially as the temperatures rise. I think it would make a perfect gift for a cottage or new pool owner!


We are working on a blue design scheme for a client’s teenage son at the moment and I love this whole combination of colours and textures. It transcends any age group and will be a timeless addition to the home, with the addition of personal touches such as pictures, photos, books and lego the space will truly feel like his.

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