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It’s the start of the August long weekend here in Canada and I know that where possible people will be leaving town in droves, I will be heading back from a week’s R&R having stayed at a friend’s lakefront village, east of Kingston.

Our foreign travel plans are pretty much all grounded at this time and so finding a nearby spot to have some downtime is so very important.

Navigating the new normal is getting to feel more like simply normal these days. We would never leave home without our keys, wallet, and phone and now we have simply added a face mask and hand sanitizer.

So many masks and so much hand sanitizer (so much that we commissioned our own sanitizer; it exceeds WHO guidelines, comes in a smart bottle and does not smell like you have spent the afternoon in the pub). It is the little things that get you through.

I am looking forward to a quiet weekend in the city. Hopefully we will get out hiking and find time to putter in our garden which truthfully is so much happier that we are home and not jet setting around. All my annuals are blooming and basking in all the additional care and attention that they never normally receive.

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