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At the end of March, I went home to Edinburgh for 10 days to catch up with friends and family and to do a little business. I have a Guide to Edinburgh on my journal, so if you or friends are planning on going please check it out for my insider tips. I will be updating it shortly with some new finds such as the V&A Museum Dundee which opened last fall. It is spectacular both inside and out and it was designed by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma.

The restaurant featured these beautiful wooden settle benches, they have a spindled back and look like an extended Windsor chair.

They are so comfortable and provide a sheltered spot to sit without blocking your eye line. I can so see one or two of these in a new project we are currently working on. Inspiration is truly everywhere.

I also visited the historic mill that I am working with on a collection of blankets. I am smitten with the people and the space and can’t wait for things to progress so I can share more.


We are fully in the thick of planning for our new studio’s interior. It’s a daunting task for a designer to make selections for their own space/home, always far easier for a client project. There I have laser vision and focus from day one and can clearly see my client(s) in the newly designed space from a very early stage in the process.

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