Newsletter – March 2019

It’s officially spring and you can really feel the change in the air. Even here, in blustery and chilly Toronto, where we are still sidestepping around and parking on the remains of winter in the form of blackened icebergs.

My home is on the south side of the street, so my grass (if you can still call it that when it looks nothing like it should) is getting some early sunny rays; across the road, my neighbours’ grass is still covered in snow. Mother Nature will take her time and only when she is good and ready will both sides of the street look like they belong together.

I adore spring, who doesn’t? For me, it’s partly because my favourite colour is green. Green in every hue, from chartreuse to hunter, and we are all about to be fully immersed in it! Bring it on.


When you think of spring it signals a return to cottage and lakeside life, an escape from the city.

We are delighted to have had our beautiful Lake House project shortlisted in the Global Living Category in The International Design & Architecture Awards. The awards ceremony will be held in London, England in September. The shortlisted projects in each category are presented online for a month when voting takes place. So, rest assured I will be letting you all know when its time to vote!

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