Newsletter – December 2018

Okay, so this newsletter is a little early this month, but I felt inspired to write and thought we’d send it out today, pre-holidays. In January we’ll get back to our regular schedule of one newsletter a month on the last Friday of every month so stay tuned.

What’s Inspiring Me

If anything can explain beauty, it is the other word for beauty, which is harmony. It is the harmonious combination of colours, grouping of lines, and the blending of objects that suggest the idea of beauty. Harmony is beauty. If there is anything in the world that makes man lose his self-consciousness and surrender willingly it is beauty. Beauty conquers without a sword, holds without hands, and it more tender than the petals of a flower.  

In December 2016 I went to Miami for the Design Leadership annual summit and had the absolute pleasure to meet and hear the designer Veere Greeney talk. I had seen his home published in Veranda magazine about a decade earlier and I immediately fell in love with his aesthetic and design sensibilities.

Spring forward two years and he has just released a beautiful design book – On Decorating: A Point of View. My design library is not short of design books, as I am sure you can imagine, but every month I probably purchase at least another one or two. Yes, my bookshelves do actually groan.

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