My very own kitchen named House and Homes Kitchen of the Month


January, to some it’s the bleakest of months, a time for restraint in spending and calories. To others, it’s a fresh page, a new start, a time to clear away the clutter and make space for all the new things that this year will bring. Whatever camp you fall into, and I’m sure there is a happy place between the two, I wish you all a very happy and healthy 2019!

We are working busily away on some lovely projects and know for these clients that this year is going to be a year of change. An interior that is designed for you and your family, delivers more than just a bigger space or more storage; I really believe that it delivers an opportunity for a bigger life.

I know from my own experience of renovating our woefully inadequate kitchen the changes it has brought to us. I love entertaining and having my house full of love and laughter and this has what our new kitchen has delivered.

Talking of my kitchen, it’s currently on newsstands and all gorgeous places selling House & Home magazine. Yes, we’re featured again. This time as Kitchen of the Month.

My very own kitchen named House & Home’s Kitchen of the Month

I really wanted my kitchen to be a decorated space in my home. You can partly see into it from my front door and so I added elements such as the koi wallpaper and the Marth Sturdy brass sculpture to personalize and define the space. Yes, it’s a space for cooking, but to us, it’s also a space to relax and recharge and so that is what I designed. It wasn’t always so inviting!

I knew when I designed the kitchen without upper cabinets, we’d need to find something to go on the wall to finish the space. I waited almost a year to find the perfect thing and when I went to ICFF in New York last May I visited the Martha Sturdy booth and was immediately smitten with her brass sculptures.

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