Newsletter – January 2020


My first newsletter of the decade – so no real pressure at all!


Drum roll please……….

I’ve committed to my blanket designs and placed my order with the mill in Ayrshire, Scotland! Now I just have to patiently wait until they arrive…

I’ve opted for two colourways and we are doing an initial run of four blanket designs. While they are being woven, we can get to work on the packaging. I am looking to use as little as packaging as possible and for what we use to be reusable and recyclable – think lovely leather ties and simple zippered bags for storage.

Our ideas are known and in the melting pot, we are just on the hunt for the perfect pieces, a little like what we do for our client projects. I can’t wait to share them on an upcoming newsletter. I’ve learned so much in this process, we have been back and forward with yarns and sample cloths, renderings and CAD drawings. I am so happy with the final picks; all was worth the wait.

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