Newsletter – February 2020


February, the month of love is almost over but we do have an extra day this year, so I hope you all manage to make the most of it tomorrow and spend it with those you want to!

I love that we now have a long weekend in February, nothing like having a forced time to make you stop.

We went hiking in Caledon on the holiday Monday and got a bit more than we expected. We always pick the path less wandered and this led to very deep snow that was over our knees in places. I realized very early on that I had never walked in snow that deep……how on earth is that possible, but I swear (my sister may correct me) I’ve never experienced it.

When it snows in the city here it’s shoveled and when I was growing up in Edinburgh you might get snow, but it was generally gone by lunch time. Anyhow, I had a great time and laughed a lot at my inability to stay vertical. At heart, I guess we are all big kids.

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