Newsletter – Mid-April 2020


Well I, not unlike most of the world’s population, am learning a lot about myself in these COVID induced social distancing times. I love to travel and explore; I love to eat out and I’m generally a smiley person who will acknowledge strangers on the street. I’ve now cancelled five trips (four were for business and one was our June summer holiday), numerous restaurant bookings for both here and afar and when I see someone on the same side of the street as me, I now scuttle across the road. I don’t like it at ALL, but I know it will pass and truthfully everything I have listed here is a first world problem.

I now have a recipe board on Pinterest, a fully paid Zoom account and a calendar chocked full of online meetings and seminars, I’m also a member of probably one too many online yoga and meditation accounts.

I always had resisted online yoga as I truly loved the connection with my fellow yogis at my local studio, however I am loving the live Zoom feeds that my teachers are making time for. There is still the connection, still the giggles and all the insight that I received in person, it’s just a little different and it’s a little different here at GGI.


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