Newsletter – March 2020


Hello! How are we all doing?

This has become a very big and truthfully a hard to honestly answer question. Sometimes I am great and other times I can find fear taking over. It’s all so unknown to us but I do take solace that we are all in the same boat, well thankfully not a boat, never ever a boat – but you know what I mean, we are probably all having the same conflicting emotions multiple times a day.

The lack of control and not having an end date is sight is tough and all we can do is take care of our loved ones and ourselves and simply take one day at a time.

These feelings haven taken me back 10 years – almost to the day – when I got stuck in the UK for an extra two weeks. Hardly a hardship, but it certainly was not planned. I had gone home to visit my loved ones and had spent my last two nights in London. Ten years ago, I didn’t have a smartphone, I heard over the radio in my friend’s flat on the morning I was leaving for Heathrow, that all flights had been suspended due to the volcano in Iceland. I stayed in London for a few more days but ended up getting the train back north and hunkering down in Edinburgh till the storm passed. I remember feeling so disconnected, so out of the loop and truthfully scared about when and if I could return to my home and business. But the storm clouds passed and so will this.

Thankfully before I became the sole person allowed in the studio, I did get it photographed! So, today’s newsletter is all about it. You are the first people to see these selected photos! So grab a comfy chair and a beverage of your choice.

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