Newsletter – Mid-May 2020


As Dorothy told us in the Wizard of Oz, there is no place like H O M E and I think if the pandemic has taught us all anything it is that our interiors should be designed for us, the homeowners, and not for occasional guests and other random visitors. We are the ones who live in our homes, and we are currently really living in them, so they should be a reflection of us!


I predict a big change coming in how homes are designed. I think there will be a move away from open concept. If a Zoom life has taught us anything, it is that doors are a necessary thing. When closed they block sightlines and provide both privacy and reduce noise transfer – why did we do away with them all? When main floors are open to the floors above and below sound really carries as I am sure many of you might be experiencing.

In terms of minimizing sound between spaces, nothing beats a solid swing door as it allows for the wall cavity to be fully insulated, a pocket door allows for the greatest clearance (so you can fake open concept with a large pair of pocket doors) but it also means that your wall(s) need an open cavity to store the door when open.

Then there is the barn door that can add a lovely architectural feature in a space, but it does require wall space and it does not provide privacy like the other two.

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