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April is always a month of significant weather changes here in Toronto. We see sun, sometimes snow and usually the first buds of spring. I’m not so much excited to see what has survived the winter, more hoping that something will have survived the tour de force that is our puppy, Reba.

She has turned our back garden into her own personal racing track. I have a pair of lovely vintage obelisks that I spied one day for sale at the side of a country road. We couldn’t fit them in our car with two people, so we took one and went back the following week for its partner. She loves to run around these at full speed and then take off in a direction of her choosing. I used to get really cranky when the squirrels would lop the heads off my tulips, I don’t think they will get that far this year. And my normally heady hyacinths are probably being hammered back into the soil with each race around the garden – we will see what survives! Raised beds and spring bulbs in pots may be in my future garden plans.

GGI Studio update

Having joy in your home environment has never been so important. We’re all still navigating the new normal with the bogey man and I know many of my clients are now working in a hybrid model and this looks like it’s going to become the new normal for so many.

Home offices have come a long way from the space once seen as the man’s domain in a household. It no longer needs to be furnished with heavy, dark, serious furniture – it can be a space to work, create, and oh yes, it can also bring you some joy!

We recently had two projects photographed and I thought I’d share with you these home’s glorious colourful home offices. One was in a penthouse condo and the other on my client’s third floor – so both had the beautiful benefit of unobstructed views and lots of glorious light.

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