Here are my March loves


Comfort has been a resonating theme this month – as I sourced the three header images for this month’s newsletter (as below) it didn’t surprise me that they came to me quickly and were a reassuring blend of food, cocooning clothing, and an inviting bedroom.

I write this newsletter normally a week in advance of posting. I write and source all the images and then Lisa, my super talented digital assistant (who has lived in multiple countries since we started working together four years ago, but now resides in her home country of Australia), puts it all together, makes it all look beautiful, adds all the links and sets up the posting.

Things may have changed in the world when you receive this newsletter in your inbox but at the time of writing, this was where we were.

We’ve somewhat emerged from the weight of Covid that has dominated the headlines and our lives for the past two years. Now that has been replaced with the war in Ukraine with millions of people under siege and being displaced. It’s heartbreaking, and most nights as I sit and watch the news, I feel powerless. But I also am seeing the best of humanity – people opening up their homes, sharing their spaces and all that they have with people they can only communicate with through Google Translate.

I see the hot meals, the volunteers, the toys, and mountains of donated clothing. Great good is being done on many small fronts, such as Polish Canadians opening Polish Amazon accounts and shipping personal hygiene products to family members so that they can share them. All these things show and teach us who we really are at our core and, whilst we are firmly in the grip of the horrendous reality that is being faced by so many, I know that good will prevail. One madman and his inner circle does not define who we are.

Studio Happenings

March was a very busy month; we had two very large installs that each took a week and then we had three photoshoots. There was what felt like a lot of completion and a lot of new beginnings. It was a whirlwind.

This beautiful plasterwork image was taken the week before one of our installs. It is in my client’s kitchen and features magnolia buds and hummingbirds; note the pale blush pink ceiling. Swoon!

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