Tips on how I transition my home from winter to summer



I always find that when the weather changes from cold to hot, it’s like someone has cranked up the thermostat. It always seems to happen so fast, that I never quite have the right clothes for the first week or two. I feel like spring in Toronto lasted a few days this year and now we are into full-on summer.

It takes me time to get into my stride and to actually believe that the sun and its warmth are here to stay. I know I am not the only one as we all begin to emerge from not just our winter-long cocooning, but our 14+ months of social inactivity.

This week I have seen people on the streets of our city dressed looking like they are still fearing the cold returning, whilst others are basically in their underwear. It is a sight to behold, and it’s probably happening in all cities and communities that are heading for summer and coming out of lockdown. It’s a giddy combination – note I say giddy and not winning.

Updating my home is so much easier for me than my wardrobe. Seeing as it’s houses, and not bodies, that I spend my day working on, I thought I would share some tips on what I like to do and how we update our clients’ homes.

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