Newsletter – February 2019

Well, it may be cold, but the days are certainly stretching so that is something to smile about. February has been a very busy month for us, and we are so happy about that. Lots of planning, prepping, designing and installing.


If you are a client of mine you probably have wallpaper in at least one room in your home. If I’ve had my way then it will be in multiple spaces and even on the ceiling.

When I first moved here and set up my firm in 2004 wallpaper really wasn’t a thing here, people liked their walls plain and painted and I was gutted. At home, we wallpaper with gay abandon and frequently change it up and refresh with something new. I am so glad that over the past 15 years wallpaper has really taken off here and that my clients are open to embracing pattern, texture and colour on their walls.

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