Inspiration – Country Escapes

We often have the pleasure of working on our client’s weekend and vacation properties, what all these projects have in common is their connection with nature. Nothing beats living in a bustling city during the week with all that it has to offer right on your doorstep, but given the opportunity to escape at the weekends to a different pace, a different light allows our bodies a real chance to rest (even if you are busy being busy, it’s a different busy from being city busy!).

I adore working in homes that are immersed in mother nature. We love to layer these spaces with natural materials that feel good to the touch and will age gracefully. Lifecycle management is something that is key to remember when selecting pieces for a space that is not easily serviced. Upkeep must be minimal.

The interior palette is normally dictated by what we can see from the windows – having a continuous palette lessens the divide between in and out. It’s gentler on the sole and more restful. We want our clients to arrive at their secondary homes and feel immediately at home.


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All images are inspiration images and are not examples of my own work.