Newsletter – Mid-March 2020


A newsletter of a different sort today, consider it a bonus newsletter if you wish!

I wanted to keep you all informed of what we are doing here at Gillian Gillies Interiors during these extraordinary times that we all find ourselves in.

I made the decision last week to only have myself in the studio, the rest of the team are working remotely. All our systems are cloud-based, so we can truly work from anywhere as we have access to all our documents. This allows us to keep forward momentum on our projects.

Iā€™m in the studio as it truly is a beautiful sanctuary for me, especially when everything outside is so unsettled. I have the lighting the way I want it, my diffuser with essential oils is going full pelt and I have my music on ā€“ sometimes probably too loud ā€“ but there is no one here to complain! My lovely husband has a home-based office and so me being here, gives us both space during the day to work in isolation without the fear of either of us being in contact with others and catching and spreading this disease. I take what is happening in our city and around the world incredibly seriously and want you all to know that the health and safety of my staff, clients, trades and vendors is paramount.

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