Inspiration – Grand Old Lady

I’ve always loved grand old homes that are in a state of disrepair and neglect. Not that I’d want one as my neighbour, but I’d love to restore one to its former glory and then some hence the name Grand Old Lady.

We have one such house in our neighbourhood, it’s setback from the road and through the overgrown shrubs and the stone wall you can see what once must have been a gorgeous home. It backs onto a ravine and has a lot that is over 300’deep. Oh, the things I could do to that home. It was up for sale a few years ago but never sold or was taken of the market, and so it simply sits and waits. We call it Grey Gardens as it reminds me of the home in the movie of the same name, although this one is probably currently overrun with raccoons and not cats!

I imagine filling the home with oversized plaster moldings, checkerboard marble floors, eclectic wallpapers, free standing bathtubs and unlacquered brass hardware that will patina over time.

One day…….


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All images are inspiration images and are not examples of my own work.