Inspiration – Summer in the City

It’s been a hot and sticky summer in Toronto, far too hot for me. I like temps no higher than 23 degrees, basically, my favourite ‘summer’ months are May and late September, July and August can leave me grumpy.

In order to minimize my grumpiness, I layer my home and body accordingly for the heat. Linen sheets are amazing to sleep on when temps soar, and a slightly crumpled white linen shirt looks fabulous on a long hot day.

Straw baskets can store your magazines by the dock and a straw tote bag can carry your summer essentials in the city.

I always, always wear a hat, my favourite brands are Eric Javits and Tilley. Both have hats that have SPF50 so not only are they good looking, but they protect your skin.

Nothing feels worse than staying cooped up so find a shady tree to sit under and take time to read a book or simply watch the world go by. My favourite spot is our cabana in our compact city garden. Its orientated to face a wall of trees, it shelters me from the heat of the sun and the occasional summer rain and we have really comfortable furniture that invites you to sit down and stay for a while.


All images sourced via Pinterest.

All images are inspiration images and are not examples of my own work.